Millenial Series Part 1: Fundraising Trends Among Generations

By Sarah Howard

Originally Published February, 2014

For many nonprofit development teams this is something they have heard many times yet remains salient as ever:

Millennials are the future of nonprofit fundraising and they couldn’t be more different than the reliable and relatively flush ‘matures’ and ‘boomers’. They reject institutions and embrace cause.

I am going to avoid the gross generalizations about Millennials that the media has been so keen to exercise. Instead, I am simply going to say that while the economic downturn has hit this generation hard and they have less to give, studies like this one and this one show they are dedicated to giving back.  While their passion and commitment manifests in unconventional ways they remain mission critical to the future of nonprofit fundraising.

Don’t take my word for it though, let’s get the lowdown on trends of giving among generations with the following infographic:



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